What people are saying about Emily and the VERY big Feeling

“Received my copy today. What a fantastic, well written and important book, Congratulations!! I know it will help many families open a dialogue and share their BIG feelings. Absolutely beautiful illustrations too. I Love it”
Rana NSW

"This is a great book to help start a discussion with your kids about expressing their feelings. Lovely illustrations too. Well done"
Nanda NSW

“Such a beautifully written book. Well done to everyone involved”

“I received my copy of Emily and the very big feeling and what I truly beautiful book. I felt every emotion whilst reading it. Congratulations.”
Debbie NSW

“Thank you so much for our beautiful book. My 10yr old daughter and I just read it together with tears in our eyes & had a very important conversation afterwards about our big feelings. This will be a much-treasured book that we will be sharing with friends.”
Elysia NSW 

“I received my book this morning & couldn't wait to open it. I'm a little bit teary as I write this as I know how much love went in to every word. The result is a story that will open the door to more conversations about big feelings. The illustrations are absolutely exquisite.”
Susan NSW

“Every kid growing up in this messy, chaotic world should have a guide to handle the big stuff. Well done Celeste and Lindy. A huge fan was just created, real time”
Paul NSW

“To say how fantastic this is would be a major understatement. Such a wonderful book, important message that I know will help so many kids and adults alike.”
Michelle NSW

“Gobsmacked!!! Sobbing...lost for words...Perfect.”
Yasmin NSW

“Have just received my copy, congratulations, it is beyond beautiful & I’m so very grateful to have this to share with my daughter. Thank you so very much.”
Cath NSW

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