Meet the Publisher

I only ever submitted Emily and the VERY big Feeling to just one publisher – Empowering Resources.

I had seen a post from their organisation on Facebook and decided that I wanted to know more. I was then greeted by the following statement on their website –

We provide resources that transform understanding and initiate conversations. 

We represent authors who have a story to share. We publish quality books and manage speaker events that inform, express truths, initiate dialogue and empower the lives of others. Our dialogue is structured simply for even the youngest audience's level of understanding.

We ourselves have a story to share - You are important and loved!

Clearly, there was never any other choice.

Empowering resource currently have 12 titles in their collection including "A Secret Safe to Tell" and "Even Mummy Cries" both which recently made the shortlist for the ABIA's Small Publishers' Children's Book of the Year.

To learn more about this great company and to purchase any of their titles please visit;

The Pre-Sale Package

Each Pre-Sale package is priced at $50 and comprises of;

  • 1x signed and numbered hard cover copy of Emily and the VERY big Feeling PLUS
  • 1 x Limited edition image from the book titled "To the moon and back"
  • Only 200 pre-sale packages are available so get in quick!!


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