Meet the Illustrator

Originally from the Blue Mountains and now residing in the Coffs Harbour Region, Lindy Longhurst has spent years perfecting her art and her unique capacity to tell a story through vibrant and dreamy imagery.

Lindy started her professional career in landscape architecture and design before following her true passion and becoming a full – time artist.

“ My inspiration for my art is based on a strong connection with the earth - to the natural elements, and an exploration into the conscious and subconscious worlds - via dreams and meditation.” - Lindy Longhurst

Along with several exhibitions in Australia and Europe, Lindy’s work has also been published in magazines in Australia and the US.

In 2011 Lindy illustrated her first children's book titled "A Little Bird Told Me" written by author Mimi King.

I have personally been a fan of Lindy’s work for many years after seeing her greeting cards and jewellery stocked in a shop in Glenbrook and when I began thinking about the type of illustrations I wanted for Emily and the VERY Big Feeling I immediately thought of Lindy. I knew I needed the imagery to leap off the page and into the hearts and imaginations of little hearts and inspire them to be brave and strong. When I look at Lindy’s work I feel a deep sense of calm, love and peacefulness – a sense that all is well in the world and anything is possible. It is my greatest wish that her imagery will help all of my readers feel the same way too.

I am so blessed that Lindy not only agreed to illustrate this book for me, but has also donated so much of her time and talent to this pre-sale initiative. From our very first conversation she has gone above and beyond to support this project and I cannot thank her enough for helping to bring this project to life.

If you would like to see or purchase more of Lindy’s amazing artworks please check out her Facebook Page, Website or find her on Instagram

The Pre-Sale Package

Each Pre-Sale package is priced at $50 and comprises of;

  • 1x signed and numbered hard cover copy of Emily and the VERY big Feeling PLUS
  • 1 x Limited edition image from the book titled "To the moon and back"
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