Emily and the VERY big Feeling

“...In fact, Emily and her mum talked all afternoon until the sun went down and the stars came out and when Emily finally stopped talking she realised that something strange had happened...Suddenly all of her very big feelings didn’t seem quite so big or so scary anymore.”

Emily and the VERY big Feeling

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On the 9th of November 2013, my best friend of 36 years tragically lost her 16 year old daughter Emily to suicide. Emily was bright, funny and kind. She came from a supportive home, had a mum that loved her to the moon and back and also had a strong network of like minded friends who adored her. So why then did she feel that Suicide was the only viable solution to the pain she hid so well? While there is no simple answer to that question, I know that her pain and her worries must have been so very big and so very strong for them to be capable of stealing her away from us.


The Story So Far Meet Emily

My hope is that the beautiful imagery in the book will make the thought of disclosing a worry or a BIG feeling a little less scary and will help children realise that the love that surrounds them is not dependent on them needing to be brave and strong but is a love that shines brighter than the moon and the stars, a love that surrounds them no matter what they are made of.


Meet the Author Meet the Illustrator

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So whether you buy one for yourself or buy someone you love, you know that this will be a gift that truly keeps on giving.

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